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Difference between git pull, git fetch and git clone (and git rebase)

Git Pull From what I understand, git pull will pull down from a remote whatever you ask (so, whatever trunk you’re asking for) and instantly merge it into the branch you’re inRead More…


How to Convert a Stream to List in Java 8

In this tutorial you will see How to convert a Stream to a List using Collectors.toList in Java 8. package com.latest_turorial.java8; import java.util.List; import; import; public class StreamToList { publicRead More…


Read SharePoint news Web Service list in Java tutorial

In this tutorial Read SharePoint news Web Service list in Java tutorial,SharePoint news Web Service list in Java tutorial,Read SharePoint news list in Java,SharePoint Web Service list in Java, I will showRead More…


Saving/Retrieving BLOB object in Spring Roo

The article Saving/Retrieving BLOB object in Spring Roo assumes the Reader is a Developer with some familiarity with Spring Roo. For introductory information about Spring Roo vist Project setup Spring Roo bringsRead More…