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Adding the Plugin to your project

Using this plugin requires Android Cordova (PhoneGap) and the PayPal Mobile Payments Library. The PayPal Mobile Payments Library can be downloaded here.

  1. Create an Android Cordova project. Details at
  2. Put PayPal_MPL.jar into your project’s libs directory and add it to the build path. In Eclipse, right click on PayPal_MPL.jar and select Add to Build Path.
  3. Copy assets/www/ files into your project’s assets/www/ directory
  4. Copy src/com/phonegap/plugin/ files into your project’s src/com/phonegap/plugin/ directory
  5. Make sure your AndroidManifest.xml includes a superset of the permissions shown in the reference AndroidManifest.xml
  6. Add the as shown in the reference AndroidManifest.xml
  7. Include the plugin registration in /res/xml/config.xml as shown in the reference config.xml
  8. Make sure the cordova.{version}.js filename in index.html matches the filename in your www directory.
  9. Deploy and test the app. The default environment is ENV_NONE.

Using the PayPal Sandbox

  1. Set up a PayPal buyer and seller sandbox account from
  2. Update demo.js to use ENV_SANDBOX instead of ENV_NONE. See comments near bottom of demo.js
  3. In index.html, update the pmt_recipient field to your sandbox seller account


Helping URl:


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  1. Helpful commentary , I Appreciate the information ! Does anyone know if I could possibly get a blank a form form to complete ?

    1. Hi Tori Brey . my colleague filled out a template a form document at this site

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