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27 Jokes Only Engineers & Developers Can Enjoy

1. This mug. 2. This comparison. 3. This visualisation of a developer’s week. 4. This common relationship problem. 5. This chart. 6. Thus line of code. 7. This game. 8. This diagram. 9. This bumper sticker. 10. This response to a FacebookRead More…


Hide and Seek with jQuery.

This tutorial about Hide and Seek with jQuery and PHP. This script helps you to present all modules in single page. Take a look at live demo click buttons   Download Script    Read More…


Struts Validation Framework Tutorial with example.

Apache Struts has changed the way we develop a Web application. Since its inception as an MVC architecture, Struts has been extensively used in J2EE world to develop robust, extendable and effectiveRead More…