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Maven Eclispe IDE Integration

Eclipse provides an excellent plugin m2eclipse which seamlessly integrates Maven and Eclipse together. Some of features of m2eclipse are listed below You can run Maven goals from Eclipse. You can view the output ofRead More…


Choosing between Windows CE and Windows XP Embedded

The Quickest, Safest and Easiest Way to Send Money Instantly Send Cash from Your Mobile or Computer to 125+ Countries Which is best for your application — Windows CE or Windows XP Embedded? Microsoft has published a whitepaper toRead More…


ISO 8583 Tutorial – Build and Parse ISO Message using JPOS library

OK after my article about ISO 8583 let’s go deeper into programming using Java + JPOS library. Quote from JPOS website: jPOS is a Java® platform-based, mission-critical, ISO-8583 based financial transaction library/framework that can be customized a…