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#Ransomware Attack last year 18th April, 2016 @ 4:00 PM

17 May 2017no comments Random Posts, Windows Mobile

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Ransomware Attack
#Ransomware Attack last year 18th April, 2016 @ 4:00 PM
My partner attacked by that Virus by email with subject “Detail invoice”. And He though it’s something important and just opened . Suddenly all files in his laptop start encrypted and renamed like document.docx.locky and our Company (Madina Micro Systems) Confidential Files which are shared on our Dropbox folder also corrupted and updated on Dropbox.
So these files updated on my Dropbox also.And Next day when i was looking for some document and i see hell of files updated by my partner on Dropbox then i start investing what is happening. I called him at once and asked what’s going one. He tell me that story and he said when encryption is started i tried to kill different processes but doesn’t work so i turned off My laptop and i don’t know how many files get corrupted. So i said Just disconnect internet and all other storage devices from your machine and give to me i will check how i recover our Company Confidential Documents.
So i start digging. Then i find name  #Ransomware / #CryptoLocker and read about it how to recover these files. Then i find out this trojan not only encrypt the files but also delete the memory address/slot from the harddisk and there is no way to recover it. But with file you will see one link and when i open that link they write down send us bitcoins and then we will decrypt these files. But i have hell of files i can’t paid so much money to decrypt these files … So i find a Way Around… If you see Indian/Pakistani movies then you now “Interval or an Intermission”
I read different Articles but that one is meaning full but i didn’t work
Then again thinking and see how i get from drop box … boz Basic dropbox accounts have history of recent 30 days files but these files created I think in 2015 so these are not in 30 days.
Then i contact with Dropbox support team and discuss my problem they said you can try to convert ur account in Business account and add your partner as team member and access is all files from the day first.
So i did that and i done this thing and I recovered all files from Dropbox using Business Account.
Indeed Dropbox Safe My Life.
Think smart and always make backup. That will help you one day.

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