In Spring Roo Introduction you will see this is an open source software tool that uses convention-over-configuration principles to provide rapid application development of Java-based enterprise software. The resulting applications use common Java technologies such as Spring Framework, Java Persistence API, Java Server Pages, Apache Maven and AspectJ. Spring Roo is a member of the Spring portfolio of projects.

Spring Roo’s stated mission statement is to “fundamentally and sustainably improve Java developer productivity without compromising engineering integrity or flexibility”.
The technology was first demonstrated during the opening keynote at the SpringOne Europe developer conference on 27 April 2009, with an initial alpha release concurrently being published. During the keynote an application was built live on-stage that would be used by conference attendees to vote on the preferred name for the project (which at that time was codenamed “Roo” within SpringSource). Ultimately the name “Spring Roo” was preferred over alternatives including Spring Boost, Spring Spark, Spring HyperDrive and Spring Dart.


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