Cron-jobQuartz is good, but often times we just need a simple scheduler system to run a jar file periodically. On *unix system, you can use the build-in cron to schedule a scheduler job easily.

In this example, we will show you how to create a cron job on *nix to run a jar file, by daily and hourly.

1. Create a Cron Job

To create a cron job, in terminal, type crontab -e to edit the cron job. Review following examples :

1.1 Run daily at 00:00, accepts two parameters.

# run everyday
0 0 * * * java -jar /home/mkyong/crawler/webcrawler.jar param1 param2

1.2 Run daily at 02:00 am, pass as a system property with -D option.

# run everyday at 2am
0 2 * * * java -jar"ripe" /home/mkyong/crawler/whoiscrawler.jar

1.3 Run hourly, assume this jar is logging message with the logback framework.

# run every hour
0 * * * * java -jar -Dlogback.configurationFile=/home/mkyong/logback.xml /home/mkyong/crawler/crawler.jar

Exit, save and override, done.

Display Cron Jobs
To display the existing cron job, type crontab -l

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