The @MultipartConfig annotation supports the following optional attributes:

  • location: An absolute path to a directory on the file system. The location attribute does not support a path relative to the application context. This location is used to store files temporarily while the parts are processed or when the size of the file exceeds the specified fileSizeThreshold setting. The default location is "".
  • fileSizeThreshold: The file size in bytes after which the file will be temporarily stored on disk. The default size is 0 bytes.
  • MaxFileSize: The maximum size allowed for uploaded files, in bytes. If the size of any uploaded file is greater than this size, the web container will throw an exception (IllegalStateException). The default size is unlimited.
  • maxRequestSize: The maximum size allowed for a multipart/form-data request, in bytes. The web container will throw an exception if the overall size of all uploaded files exceeds this threshold. The default size is unlimited.

For, example, the @MultipartConfig annotation could be constructed as follows:

@MultipartConfig(location="/tmp", fileSizeThreshold=1024*1024,
    maxFileSize=1024*1024*5, maxRequestSize=1024*1024*5*5)

Instead of using the @MultipartConfig annotation to hard-code these attributes in your file upload servlet, you could add the following as a child element of the servlet configuration element in the web.xml file.


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